Those are guys who have zero clue about what women have had to do over the centuries in order to survive. What you said isn't news, it's just old-school thinking that's faded out. But women didn't have a lot of options and you're feeling the same pressure. Which, feminism should help to alleviate that pressure both… » 9/10/14 5:01am 9/10/14 5:01am

Real question: am I going to have to watch Frozen in order to follow the OUAT storyline? I had it on my list anyway but if I'm forced to due to corporate synergy I'll be resentful and either one or both will go on the nope list. » 9/08/14 1:23pm 9/08/14 1:23pm

Look, dude, I appreciate the sentiments here because as a GenX woman I feel this more than you'll ever know but I'd rather this be on Jezebel because here it's just a cue for every obtuse commenter to rail on about their issues with women that they don't realize are just stereotypes and figments of their own… » 9/07/14 5:02pm 9/07/14 5:02pm

Ugh, ok, I'm going to just go ahead and break the first rule here: you are so solidly second wave it's ridiculous. I don't judge you for that, the second wave had major value, but you're blissfully ignoring that we're in a different age now - you have to progress to keep up with the times just like anyone else. You… » 9/06/14 7:17pm 9/06/14 7:17pm

Your comment is spot on. I don't care if the regular ol' human body isn't capable of some of the movements portrayed in comics so the 3D or cosplay attempts to make that point are losing me. » 9/05/14 11:52pm 9/05/14 11:52pm

I was just going to say that. It was touching but weirdly random and maybe the only questline where you fetch stuff but still can't save the target. I honestly thought it was Blizzard trying to make some kind of profound philosophical statement and remind players that the stakes were high with the Lich King about. … » 9/05/14 8:34pm 9/05/14 8:34pm

Writing articles that refer to "recent events" without even mentioning what those events are, articles that beat around the bush without trying to make a point — this is anti-journalism.

» 9/04/14 11:19pm 9/04/14 11:19pm

My strictly personal opinion is that the main requirement is to vote. Above and beyond that is dependent on circumstances, privileges, and emotional energy, all of which are going to be different with each person. » 9/03/14 6:41pm 9/03/14 6:41pm

That's really dumb, because any time some sort of hack happens there are all sorts of sections of the internet who zoom in on the actual hack because they're more interested and/or freaked by that out than the material that was hacked. And I for one, am glad for those types of people because they raise the question… » 9/02/14 6:12pm 9/02/14 6:12pm

YES! I have an answer to this. Look up Julie Borowski; she's one of my hate-reads. She's a libertarian blogger who is gaining cred in that world. She's got at least a couple entries where she's mused about if feminism can fit with libertarianism or vice versa - I think her conclusion was that she couldn't be doing… » 8/28/14 8:53pm 8/28/14 8:53pm

I have argued that the purpose of this shot was two-fold: someone wrote a criticism that this was just a power pose for the men and I personally think Marvel knows all about shots for the het female perspective (Thor, come on) and as a woman myself I enjoyed this one. But there's also the fact that he was schlubby… » 8/28/14 3:51pm 8/28/14 3:51pm