Noooo...I mean come on, she's not offensive, and defriending her won't change the feelings of inadequacy. You are fine. Don't compare yourself to her or anyone else. That's the takeaway here, not blocking her from your view. » 4/22/14 5:03pm Tuesday 5:03pm

Well I mean, I read all this shit last night after catching up, complete with book scenes, anyone is all up in arms they need to acknowledge that the book scene was rape too, if we're going to get into it. Just because she acquiesced more obviously due to pressure doesn't mean it wasn't rape. We've seen stories from… » 4/21/14 4:03pm Monday 4:03pm

Quick aside: Before I hear a single complain-y comment about my being an uppity waitress, let me make it clear... I'm not. I was a waitress a long time ago, but for the past decade or so I've been a white collar creative professional. These observations are courtesy of observing people on social media and even…

» 4/19/14 5:02pm Saturday 5:02pm

Am I the only one who saw this exact scenario played out in an episode of L&O:SVU with a woman victim, except she was flown to Paris and they went overboard with the plied with drugs thing, having her near comatose lying on a table waiting to be raped? That shit is ripped from the headlines, yo. (Albeit from the future… » 4/19/14 4:20pm Saturday 4:20pm

There have always been people who are Black On The Internet Only, it used to be seriously frowned upon when it happened but I've noticed in social justicey areas if the people's opinions skew progressive rather than conservative then people tend to be slightly more forgiving than they used to be, maybe out of naivete.… » 4/17/14 2:31pm 4/17/14 2:31pm

Oh, sorry I missed it. I say use UPS to send as much stuff as I can - I'd start sending her clothes now, take the pets in a pet carrier in the car, get the car tuned up (mechanics won't laugh but this is why you make loyal friends with a non-franchise mechanic place, franchises will rip a single girl off in a… » 4/16/14 1:19pm 4/16/14 1:19pm

The first one...geez, lady, try to stop living in 1953. This is some Mrs. Cleaver vs. Donna Reed passive aggressive bullshit. Guess what, your reputation nowadays hinges on a lot more than your stupid cake. Like, your character and getting worked up over petty bullshit like this. Try acting like an adult, Ex: Will this … » 4/14/14 6:01pm 4/14/14 6:01pm

Fair enough, but new generations of kids and because of that dumb rubberbanding on social justice awareness that happened during the Bush years we're nowhere near where we should be, so whatever helps. » 4/12/14 7:23pm 4/12/14 7:23pm

It's ok to go full Foucauldian, just don't uselessly namedrop him for points. I understand he was a huge influence on current queer and related feminist theories so it would be silly to put constraints on referring to him, just...y'know, try to boil it down, although as I understand it that might actually be impossible … » 4/12/14 6:35pm 4/12/14 6:35pm