There's a lot to talk about here that I agree with but I just want to say (derailing, cope) that probably - probably - the biggest reason she didn't call herself a gamer in grad school was due to the women in her social circle and not men. There's no room in this particular discussion about it but omg is it a thing. … » 2/26/15 7:15pm Thursday 7:15pm

This. The Resident Evil example is beyond ridiculous, but I'm kind of eh an all the rest when it comes to the actual breast physics themselves because it's a stylistic choice. My concern is why is it there is in the Resident Evil example. It doesn't fit. It seems to hit the mark of when titillation crosses the… » 2/24/15 4:49pm Tuesday 4:49pm

Eh. This is what, the third article about her statements and everyone's trying to nail down some blame and I see a whole host of issues contributing to her situation. I mean, the people clutching their pearls about asking for money up front - yes it's inconvenient but I'm getting a "that's just not done!" vibe. … » 2/21/15 6:56pm 2/21/15 6:56pm

I have deep thoughts about which movie should win for Best Visual Effects - Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier or Guardians of the Galaxy. Mixed's causing me quite a bit of angst tbh. Sometimes I just pause in whatever I'm doing and curse the Academy for their blatant oversight in nominating Cap 2… » 2/21/15 4:18pm 2/21/15 4:18pm

Who and what are you arguing against? I've never seen a GenX vs. Millennials argument in gaming, I'm sure it's out there but it seems like a constructed argument to cover some other issues. Like maybe, "Why is Twitch Streaming such a thing?" from the GenX side or "My boss sucks and I mean you, older player on WOW… » 2/20/15 6:32pm 2/20/15 6:32pm

That people actually think this is a question of morality and at all any of their business who is playing behind the screenname just disgusts me. Those are the gamers that are so tunnel-visioned about their view of how things should be, focusing on the minutae of the meaningless and made a controversy out of it, that… » 2/20/15 4:46pm 2/20/15 4:46pm

GSA exists. There have been documented stories of it happening between every permutation of immediate biological family members: mother/son, father/daughter, half-brother/sister, etc. It happens immediately upon meeting, which can make people shun their newfound relatives or be very distant with them. It's not the… » 2/17/15 1:14pm 2/17/15 1:14pm

On the very slim chance this exchange didn't just take place in your head, you might want to teach him that formally declaring his opinion on the aesthetics of a particular woman's nether regions is off limits. Either that or his girlfriends later in life are going to be very unsettled. They don't all look alike,… » 2/15/15 7:22pm 2/15/15 7:22pm

The point is not feminine vs masculine, it's actually lumping fairy tales in with the feminine/anti-masculine in the first place. It's human to create stories and stories have been passed down through the ages, so why the fuck is that just considered feminine. I mean it's the one thing humans have been doing since… » 2/07/15 10:12am 2/07/15 10:12am