Stassa tries to reclaim the glory days of her acknowledgement of Jessica Jones via inflated imdb summary:


Just like they didn’t cover Ex Machina and Clouds of Sil Maria, and whatever other feminist movie I happened to miss because they aren’t written about. I know those are movies for the plebs but for a site that practically sits on the Kardasshians, One Direction, and Bieber*, they don’t need to pull an attitude.


Clouds of Sil Maria is particularly egregious as that movie is just so much about womanhood - as a friend and I noted separately from each other as we saw it at different times, if that movie had been cast with men it would be acclaimed for its portrayal of men’s relationships, experience, and personal growth, and would have so many critics slobbering over it for those reasons Scorcese would have a crisis.

* Seriously is that for the moms in the audience to show them what they’re kids might be into? Because I can’t think of any indication whatsoever that the commentariat is actually interested in these subjects and not just going along with whatever’s posted as an avenue for making casual jokey comments.

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