For the record. I posted in a comment that was completely off topic so will be better served here, where all of 10 people might read it. Maybe.

This is a non-issue. Jez has always reported on celebs, and the feminism was always lightly touched on to be fleshed out by the commentariat (not always a good idea) and was always in relation to pop culture or menstrual products. Academic articles got sneered at, their science study posts have always sucked, and the lens through which issues were viewed was very rigid. (Yes, even under Holmes’ reign.) Their most clickbaity articles were third wave controversial ones that usually pitted women against each other. This is the year that Jez finally decided to embrace its image to the mainstream and just go with it, and their celeb coverage has more energy than Gawker’s ever did. The other thing they excel at is coverage of college campus/Title X issues and I doubt those are going away. Talking about feminism without a framework does not work for the mainstream, plus we’re in the fourth wave now where feminism IS a part of pop culture, and disparities are inarguable when highlighted by Hollywood inequalities because it’s still 1950 in their methods. So all the gnashing of teeth is for naught, Jez is not going to be any more or less feminist than it always has been.


Similarly, Gawker is most alive when it’s snarking on politics. These moves make complete sense as they are embracing their strengths that are already evident.

I’m really only worried about Io9, and I will miss Annalee Newitz.

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