Complain all you want about the dumb navel-gazing about my generation, I didn’t read the books because they were clearly pretentious nonsense from the get-go. But it’s insane to think that a 45 year old doesn’t have a different perspective than the generations before and after. Try as we might to exorcise it - and there are many who don’t - we will be picking remnants of the Reagan era out of our teeth well into old age and that has an effect moving forward. For instance how we approach Hillary vs. Bernie. You could see it in the Gawker/Jez comments for months if you paid attention; it’s died down a bit though. Consumerism too.

To ignore it is foolish. To say GenX pertains solely to pop culture is ignorant. To say our legacy has dropped and faded into the ground so as to make way for the Millenials and GenZ is self-loathing. We are a product of our generation no matter how different our environments were at the time. (Although I’m only talking about the U.S. of course.) So I revel in the label, for it is what I am.


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